Mr. Guy Martinot founds Medisoft and opens a manufacturing facility in Dinant, Belgium.
  The first product is developed - a flow interrupter.
  An advanced software is developed to provide testing for the Gould and Morgan systems which are already in widespread use as manual devices. The development of the advanced software focuses the name of the company. Medisoft is one of the first companies to add multi-color to the software for ease of reading test data.


Medisoft launches its own instrumentation with the first device to continue the study of “Pulmonary Function Testing.” This PFT system, the Partn’Air, is soon the instrument of choice in Belgium and Northern France.


Medisoft is the first company in the region presenting its devices in complete integration with the Personal Computer (PC).


The company adds the Body Plethysmograph (Body 5500) to the range of products, opening new markets and increasing their customer base. This will become later the best-seller of Medisoft.


The advanced software moves to working directly in Windows 95™. This is a further first for Medisoft and the break from the limitations of the DOS operating system.


Medisoft commits to construct a new International Headquarters 5km from Dinant to Sorinnes. This investment provides a state of the art production, research & development and centralized office facility. The site also contains training facilities which allows for the teaching and continued research into new and innovative respiratory measurements.


Expansion to an office in Hong Kong to develop the Chinese and Far Eastern markets.


Medisoft is retained as part of the ESA project (European Space Agency) for the development of instrumentation for the study of metabolic function and respiratory function on the International Space Station (ISS).


Offices open in France with sales and service support.


Launch of Hyp’Air FeNO, a valuable addition to the main instrument line to enable all General Hospitals to have the ability to perform studies on exhaled Nitric Oxide as an early detection of Asthma and enhancing the need for additional studies in such cases to find the cause and manage the treatment.


Medisoft sees increased world growth with new markets and partners. Medisoft acquired Italian company RAM in Padova, Italy, manufacturer of treadmills. 


Medisoft is acquired by MGC Diagnostics Corporation (NASDAQ : MGCD). 


Launch of the 'New Medisoft' vision and 2016-2020 strategy.


Today, Medisoft has the most comprehensive range of cardio-respiratory instrumentation supported in the global market with representation in more than 50 countries, over 20 exclusive distributors spread over all continents and the reference brand in 10 countries.