Comprehensive Cardio-Respiratory Instrumentation

Medisoft designs, develops and produces the most comprehensive range of cardio-respiratory instrumentation used in the industry. With a focus on customer care and quality, Medisoft is able to meet a wide variety of customer needs from respiratory to sports medicine. The systems are able to perform tests accurately and efficiently from pediatric to adult. See the full range of testing options below:

The Medisoft product line is ideal for respiratory care departments, clinical labs, all pulmonary diagnostics, respiratory allergy assessment, pediatrics, physiology, research, occupational medicine, pulmonary and neuromuscular diseases rehabilitation, pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation, heart-failure assessment and follow up, exercise prescription, sports medicine, physiology and research, high altitude studies, nutritional and resting energy assessment evaluation and more.

Intended Users: Medical diagnostic devices, Class IIa, should only be used by doctors, physiologists, trained respiratory technicians/nurses or under supervision of such. Data obtained must be interpreted and reported by trained medical staff only.