The ECG is a compact and lightweight electrocardiograph integrated into a single module. The ECG includes the amplificator with electrical protection, digital conversion and PC communication.


The Medisoft ECG is the ideal unit for:

  • Rest & exercise testing
  • Full real time monitoring
  • Arrhythmia detection & screening
  • Networking & web server


  • Capabilities for at home use with a private consultant to full hospital clinical use
  • Ability for basic resting ECG to complete stress ECG results
  • East to use with real-time printing
  • High definition optimized graphics screen
  • Full integration compatibility for spirometry & ergospirometry combinations
  • Close coupled digital interface reduces lead artefact

Dimensions: (HxWxD )mm 110x85x17
Weight: +/- 114 gr
Interface PC: USB or Battery Bluetooth
Leakage Currents Max: < 5µA
Protection against defibrillation shocks (built-in-system)
Electrical Safety: opto-coupling isolation
Bandwidth: 0.05 Hz to 150 Hz
Time Constant:  > to 3.2 sec
CMRR: 130 dB
Resolution: 2.54 µ Volt
Detection - Faulty electrode contact: automatic detection with visualisation
Gain: 10 to 50 mm/mV
Time Base: 10, 20, 50 mm/mV
Sampling Frequency: 2000 Hz/channel
Hardware: analog QRS trigger signal output (option) and Pacemaker Wave detection (option)
Multi Software languages